Harry Hill’s World of TV (2020) – TV Review

For many people of my generation, a real TV highlight from our childhood was the absurd and hilarious ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp’ where the comedian would use clips of the previous weeks TV and turn them into hilarious sketches or alter the context with a funny voice over. That show was perfected marketed at kids, […]

Unsaid Stories (2020) – TV Review

In response to the recent Black Lives Matters civil rights movement that has (rightfully) gripped the entire globe, ITV decided to create four 15 minute shorts, filmed in lockdown (just like they did with ‘Isolation Stories’) tackling different British perspectives on race relations. All episodes are tackling different perspectives on racism and race relations, and […]

Broadchurch (2013) – TV Review

Due to the slowdown in content caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, ITV decided to show weekly reruns of ‘Broadchurch‘ season 1 in the very time slot on a Monday evening that it aired in 7 years ago. The show seemed just like your standard British crime drama, and in many ways it was as it […]

Family Guy Season 18 (2019/20) – TV Review

Family Guy is a long running machine at this point, with 18 seasons now complete and a 19th on the way, and for many years it’s been one of my favourite shows. It’s mix of pop culture references, brave social commentaries and out right silly humour really clicked with me and it has always been […]

Belgravia (2020) – TV Review

A period drama from the writer of Downton Abbey was always going to get snapped up by ITV, and while I doubt they regret the decision, the result certainly wasn’t the home run they were hoping for. The show achieved steady ratings and mixed-positive reviews, but far from caught on in the way Downton did. […]

Quiz (2020) – TV Review

There is a real irony in the first post-lockdown TV smash being about coughing, but if you can put that to one side, this is one of the most incredible, bizarre, and brillantly told true stories that you could hope to find. Retelling the real story of Charles and Diana Ingram who were accused of […]

What to watch this week in Film and TV (9th-15th March)

This is a new weekly feature where I will highlight 5 films or TV shows that are launching in the UK this week. It is set to be a slightly slow week but there are still some stand outs. The Hunt – 11th March The film that was delayed almost six months due to its […]

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