Deadwater Fell (2020) – TV Review

Following his roles over the last decades in things like; Doctor Who, Broadchurch, and Good Omens, David Tennant is firmly established as one of the finest actors in Britain, so anything he is in is sure to attract attention. This is the main reason I watched Deadwater Fell, and by the end of the show, […]

Killing Eve Season 3 – Beautiful Monster (Reaction)

Killing Eve continues to hurtle towards the season finale, with an episode that felt very tonally like one taken from the dynamite first season, which gives me even more encouragement for Laura Neal (writer of this episode and the ‘bus episode’ earlier in the season) for when she takes over next season. The cat and […]

When The Street Lights Go On (2020) – TV Review

‘When The Street Lights Go On’ is Quibi’s attempt at a non-fantastical ‘Stranger Things’, taking a young new cast, placing them with established actors, and creating a mystery and world packed full of nostalgia, this time for the 90s. While I still think Quibi’s actual format and whole idea is destined to fail and that […]

Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle (2016) – TV Review

In my opinion, Alan Partridge is one of, if not the, best British comedy character of all time. There have been multiple legends, from Basil Fawlty to Del Boy to Brian Potter and beyond, but there is just something about Partridge, and the wide range of formats he has been used in. The best use […]

The Stranger (2020) – TV Review

This Quibi thriller stars two actors who seems poised to be major breakout stars in Hollywood, but so far it hasn’t quite materialised for either, Maika Monroe or Dane DeHaan, but they are both really good here. Monroe is very believable in the role of lead role to a girl who has huge self loathing […]

Killing Eve Season 3 – End of Game (Reaction)

Following last week’s episode exploring her family, Villanelle (Jodie Comer) continues to unravel mentally in a way we haven’t ever seen before. This allows for great character development and also another chance for Comer to show what an incredible talent she is. The best thing head writer Suzanne Heathcote has done this season is to […]

Veep Season 7 (2019) – TV Review

In the last decade there have been multiple great comedy shows on TV, especially due to the rapid decline in big screen comedy, but still few manage to come close to the absolute hilarity of ‘Veep’, which closes out its seven season run with a series packed full of surprises, laughs, and occasional emotion. This […]

The Eddy (2020) – TV Review

Damien Chazelle is arguably the most ‘exciting’ and respected young director in Hollywood, as he has already delivered multiple critical darling films and won multiple Oscars for both himself and his cast/crew, so it is always going to be a big deal when he comes to Netflix to do a series. However, after watching the […]

Veep Season 6 (2017) – TV Review

During the extra time at home provided by the lockdown, I have been using it to watch some shows I hadn’t previously got around to watching before, and the one that has been the stand out, is ‘Veep’. It is the most genuinely laugh out loud funny, controversial, offensive, and brilliant written comedy I have […]

Mrs. Fletcher (2019) – TV Review

This mini-series focusing on the complicated lives (and specifically sex lives) of a single mother, and her teenage son, once he leaves home for college, went under the radar last year but is one of the best shows of last year. Kathryn Hahn is a consistently impressive and risk taking actress, and I don’t think […]

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