Girls (2012) – TV Review

Lena Dunham’s hit breakout comedy was a huge deal for the years it was on air and made many of its cast and crew into household names. However, in more recent years, due to some of Dunham’s questionable comments and retrospective criticisms of the shows lack of racial diversity and problematic presentations of sexuality, the […]

Avenue 5 (2020) – TV Review

HBO’s new star-studded comedy from creator Armando Iannucci is on the face of it a large scale, sci-fi comedy, but like many Iannucci shows, it is much more about the characters and their interactions and situations they get themselves in, and that is where it thrives. Following a reasonably slow start, the show really found […]

Watchmen (2019) – TV Review

Watchmen is well known for being one of the hardest to adapt source material’s in existence, and yet Damon Lindelof has achieved the almost impossible, creating one of the best TV shows in years. Throughout its 9 episode run, Watchmen has taken on race, sexuality, vigilantes, and much more, as well as gradually embracing the […]

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