Deadwater Fell (2020) – TV Review

Following his roles over the last decades in things like; Doctor Who, Broadchurch, and Good Omens, David Tennant is firmly established as one of the finest actors in Britain, so anything he is in is sure to attract attention. This is the main reason I watched Deadwater Fell, and by the end of the show, […]

Better Call Saul Season 5 (2020) – TV Review

‘Breaking Bad’ is widely regarded as the greatest show of all time, so the idea of making any sort of spin off or prequel was initially a daunting one. But ‘Better Call Saul’ has slowly worked its way to being considered almost an equal, and to some better. It is written with such delicate plotting […]

Killing Eve Season 3 – Beautiful Monster (Reaction)

Killing Eve continues to hurtle towards the season finale, with an episode that felt very tonally like one taken from the dynamite first season, which gives me even more encouragement for Laura Neal (writer of this episode and the ‘bus episode’ earlier in the season) for when she takes over next season. The cat and […]

When The Street Lights Go On (2020) – TV Review

‘When The Street Lights Go On’ is Quibi’s attempt at a non-fantastical ‘Stranger Things’, taking a young new cast, placing them with established actors, and creating a mystery and world packed full of nostalgia, this time for the 90s. While I still think Quibi’s actual format and whole idea is destined to fail and that […]

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