No Time to Delay – What next for Hollywood?

News has just broken that the 25th James Bond film ‘No Time to Die’ (a very ironic title to be the first film to delay due to a virus) will move from its imminent April release date to November 2020 due to the huge disruption the corona virus is having worldwide. The Bond franchise relies […]

Films to Watch – March 2020

Here I will break down a brief list of the most talked about, anticipated, or interesting films due for release this month. It will follow the US release schedule which usually matches up to the rest of the world in general (I will do a weekly update of the films and TV to watch in […]

The Dead Don’t Die (2019) – Review

A Universal Picture, Written and Directed by Jim Jarmusch. Jim Jarmusch is quite rightly regarded by many lovers of film, specifically independent cinema, as one of finest writer/directors of his generation. His low-key style and ability to get strong performances from his actors is admirable, and when I heard he was making this film I […]

The Pale Horse (2020) – TV Review

In recent years, adapting Agatha Christie for the BBC has become popular and has led to reasonable success, and I would firmly put this adaptation somewhere in the middle of the versions based on quality. It is far from a bad show, but it also fails to reach the heights of classic Christie. The sense […]

The Call of the Wild (2020) – Review

A 20th Century Picture, Written by Michael Green, Directed by Chris Sanders. The film was set up at Fox but very much feels a Disney movie through and through, with that sense of magic and underdog spirit shining through. Despite the low-key release for this large budget film, now coming from Disney, this film actually […]

Doctor Who Season 12 – TV Review

Following the deeply disappointing season 11, there was a lot of pressure on this season, and while it was far from perfect, it really dragged my attention back to Doctor Who and was mostly a real success. The season brought back the idea of season arcs and huge plot twists, both of which proved to […]

Doctor Who – The Timeless Children

Promised as an unmissable series finale that would change the show forever, ‘The Timeless Child’ had the job of concluding one of the shows best seasons in recent memory and satisfyingly answering multiple questions the season had posed, and it mostly failed. While I appreciate the fact they made some big risks in messing hugely […]

Onward (2020) – Review

A Walt Disney Picture, Written by Dan Scanlon, Jason Headley, Keith Bunin, Directed by Dan Scanlon. ‘Onward’ was advertised as a whimsical comedy from Pixar set in a fantasy world, and while this is in many ways, I also found it to be a deeply personal journey of self-discovery and a heartbreaking and eventually life […]

All the Bright Places (2020) – Review

A Netflix Picture, Written by Jennifer Niven, Liz Hannah, Directed by Brett Haley. I want to first make it clear that I know this film has quite a few fans, and that it is also deals with very serious subject matter that is very sensitive for many people, and while I totally respect that, I […]

Intelligence (2020) – TV Review

Nick Mohammed’s low-key but entertaining comedy is a real success and brings David Schwimmer back to his comedic best. Set a “GC-HQ” and focusing on an arrogant NSA agent (Schwimmer) coming in to shake up the UK set up, and in doing so strikes up an unlikely friendship with Mohammed’s character. It is a modern […]

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