What to watch this week in Film and TV (9th-15th March)

This is a new weekly feature where I will highlight 5 films or TV shows that are launching in the UK this week. It is set to be a slightly slow week but there are still some stand outs. The Hunt – 11th March The film that was delayed almost six months due to its […]

Spenser Confidential (2020) – Review

A Netflix Original Picture, Written by Sean O’Keefe, Brian Helgeland, Directed by Peter Berg. This film is packed full of every possible cliche you could imagine, and is exactly what you expect from a Mark Wahlberg action-comedy from ​Netflix. It’s watchable and the causal viewer is even likely to enjoy it, especially if you like […]

All the Bright Places (2020) – Review

A Netflix Picture, Written by Jennifer Niven, Liz Hannah, Directed by Brett Haley. I want to first make it clear that I know this film has quite a few fans, and that it is also deals with very serious subject matter that is very sensitive for many people, and while I totally respect that, I […]

Stranger Things 4 – Hopper Lives

As a Valentine treat for fans all around the world, Stranger Things released a short teaser for the new season, which reveals what many suspected, that the American prisoner in Russia was in fact Chief Hopper, alive and in the flesh. David Harbour is undoubtedly one of the best things about the show, and it’s […]

Horse Girl (2020) – Review

A Netflix Original Picture, Written by Jeff Baena, Alison Brie, Directed by Jeff Baena. It is almost impossible to describe to someone exactly what to expect when watching Horse Girl because it alternated in genre and tone at an almost alarming rate throughout, and while it definitely isn’t always successful, it is a truly fascinating […]

Miss Americana (2020) – Review

A Netflix Original Picture, Directed by Lana Wilson. Taylor Swift is one of the biggest selling, highly decorated, and most talked about celebrities of the 21st Century, and this documentary allows us behind closed doors to get a better understanding of who she is. This is less a story about how a country girl managed […]

Bojack Horseman Season 6: Part 2 (2020) – TV Review

We have finally reached the end of one of televisions most stunning achievements. What started as an amusing animation that lovingly made fun of Hollywood and it’s inhabitants, quickly became one of the most startling examinations of the human condition ever put on screen. The whole show, throughout its 6 season run, has dealt with […]

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 (2020) – TV Review

Part 3 of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is certainly a bold season of TV, with large tone decisions and story moments that will effect the show forever. It is probably my least favourite of the 3 seasons so far, but it does have some good elements too. The older cast all have less to […]

The Witcher (2019) – TV Review

When this show was released at the end of December, it quickly became one of the most watched and talked about shows of the year, and I can understand why. I have never read the books or played the games so knew little about this world going in, but it clearly has a large fan […]

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