72nd Emmy Awards – Winners

This years Emmy Awards was always going to be very different, as it was delayed and then done virtually due to the Corona Virus pandemic. However, the awards themselves were incredibly straight forward and mostly as we expected with three (mostly deserving) shows sweeping across the board. I thought it was great to see how […]

The Duchess (2020) – TV Review

In recent years, multiple female stand up comedians have finally been given the opportunities that were usual saved for their male counterparts and have been able to lead (and often create) their own TV shows. This time, the honour falls to Katherine Ryan, the constantly funny guest on many panel shows and a strong stand […]

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005) – TV Review

‘It’s Always Sunny’ is now the joint (and soon to be) longest running live action sitcom in American history, but if you had told me or anyone watching or involved in the show that this would be the case fifteen years after that first season, not one person would have believed you. The season is […]

Cursed (2020) – TV Review

Originally sold with the fascinating pitch of “what if the sword chose a queen” and promising a take on the Excalibur story from the perspective of The Lady of the Lake instead of King Arthur, it all sounded great. However, the final product is actually just some sort of prequel to the King Arthur story. […]

Emmy Nominations 2020

Below is the list of this years Emmy Nominations in the major categories. I will cover this in much more detail leading up to September’s ceremony, including a full list of every category and its nominees, as well as predictions and much more. Some of the initial reactions to this set of nominees are that […]

My 2020 Emmy Nomination Predictions

Tomorrow the nominations for the 2020 Emmy Awards will be officially announced ahead of the ceremony in September, and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the usual awards campaigns have not been run and therefore predictions are more difficult. However, I have given it a go here by using industry insight, Emmy history, and personal gut […]

Chewing Gum Season 2 (2017) – TV Review

Following on from the great reception to Season 1, with a show that felt so unique and fresh, meant Michaela Coel had a big challenge on her hands, but she took it in her stride and ran with. This second season is better than the first, even if only slightly, and it feels even more […]

Chewing Gum (2015) – TV Review

Michaela Coel recently set the world alight with her remarkable drama ‘I May Destroy You’ (my review of that coming tomorrow morning) but before that, she became hugely popular due to writing and starring in this Channel 4 comedy. This is a very different show as it doesn’t tackle some of the darker issues ‘I […]

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