The Salisbury Poisonings (2020) – TV Review

Based on the shocking true events, this three part mini-series has proved a ratings sensation for the BBC (partly due to more people being home) and it is fully deserved. It takes fascinating and complex events in Salisbury in 2018 and turns it into really compelling TV. It’s something I still struggle to understand why […]

Britain’s Corona Virus Catastrophe: Did the Government Get It Wrong? Dispatches (2020) – TV Review

There will be numerous documentaries and films about this crisis in years to come, when we hopefully have defeated the virus and have the benefit of hindsight. However, it’s also necessary for documentaries to be made about the present day, and that is what happens here. This unbias but absolutely unflinching documentary lays clear the […]

Talking Heads: Her Big Chance (2020) – TV Review

It was already a well known fact that Jodie Comer was an incredible actress with a rapidly rising career, but this just further proves her versatility, talent, and maturity beyond her years. In this adaptation on the classic Alan Bennett monologue that Julie Walters originally performed decades along, which was filmed under Corona Virus lockdown […]

Staged (2020) – TV Review

Due to Corona Virus and the ongoing social distancing/lockdown, people have had to start getting very creative to come up with content from home, and this is one of the very best examples of this so far (Charlie Brooker’s Anti-Viral Wipe as well). This show starting David Tennant and Michael Sheen, as well as a […]

Killing Eve Season 3 Finale – Are You Leading or Am I? (Reaction)

A pair of star crossed lovers in old London Town. The finale of Killing Eve has now happened and we begin the hiatus to Season 4 (which will likely be the final season) and we have no idea when that could happen due to Covid-19. This was a very eventful episode that attempted to wrap […]

Predicting the ‘Killing Eve’ Finale

Tonight is the night (6am tomorrow for us in the UK) where the much talked about third season of Killing Eve comes to a close. While there are much more important things happening in the world right now, for the last 8 weeks this show has provided people with a much needed respite and distraction, […]

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