Killing Eve – Trailer and Early Premiere

The much anticipated launch of the Killing Eve season 3 trailer not only delivered some great and fascinating scenes, but also a huge shocker, as the show will launch two weeks earlier than originally planned, now on 12th April. This is great news for fans, and just for everyone in general who will now be […]

Silent Witness Season 23 (2020) – TV Review

Silent Witness has become an incredibly rare beast, a continuing crime drama on the BBC that has now lasted into its third decade, with seemingly no sign of it slowing down (it has been renewed for two more seasons, which will include its 25th anniversary season). This is a show I watched from my early […]

Elizabeth Is Missing (2019) – TV Review

Alzheimer’s/Dementia is one of the most difficult and emotionally shattering illnesses that a family can deal with, and it is therefore not shown very often in the correct manner on screen.  However, in the BBC’s feature length adaptation ‘Elizabeth is Missing’ the genius decision to have a dementia sufferer essentially trying to play detective and […]

The Pale Horse (2020) – TV Review

In recent years, adapting Agatha Christie for the BBC has become popular and has led to reasonable success, and I would firmly put this adaptation somewhere in the middle of the versions based on quality. It is far from a bad show, but it also fails to reach the heights of classic Christie. The sense […]

Doctor Who Season 12 – TV Review

Following the deeply disappointing season 11, there was a lot of pressure on this season, and while it was far from perfect, it really dragged my attention back to Doctor Who and was mostly a real success. The season brought back the idea of season arcs and huge plot twists, both of which proved to […]

Doctor Who – The Timeless Children

Promised as an unmissable series finale that would change the show forever, ‘The Timeless Child’ had the job of concluding one of the shows best seasons in recent memory and satisfyingly answering multiple questions the season had posed, and it mostly failed. While I appreciate the fact they made some big risks in messing hugely […]

Dracula (2020) – TV Review

The legend of Dracula is one of the most well known and frequently adapted stories in the history do literature, and I truly believe this will stand up as one of the best. You can tell it is from Moffat and Gatiss as it has their distinct style, whilst also mixing well with the classic […]

The War of the Worlds (2019) – TV Review

The BBCs mini-series adaptation had all the ingredients to succeed. It had a solid cast, a setting in a source material faithful time period, and enough time to properly tell the story. With all this in mind, it’s even more disappointing to see the result that we got. The three part show turned H.G.Wells’ iconic […]

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