Killing Eve Season 3 – Beautiful Monster (Reaction)

Killing Eve continues to hurtle towards the season finale, with an episode that felt very tonally like one taken from the dynamite first season, which gives me even more encouragement for Laura Neal (writer of this episode and the ‘bus episode’ earlier in the season) for when she takes over next season. The cat and […]

Killing Eve Season 3 – End of Game (Reaction)

Following last week’s episode exploring her family, Villanelle (Jodie Comer) continues to unravel mentally in a way we haven’t ever seen before. This allows for great character development and also another chance for Comer to show what an incredible talent she is. The best thing head writer Suzanne Heathcote has done this season is to […]

Charlie Brooker’s Antiviral Wipe (2020) – TV Review

We are only into the fifth month of 2020, but it already feels like the longest and most significant year of most of our lifetimes, and their is only one man who can sum it up perfectly, and that is writer of ‘Black Mirror’ and former star of ‘Weekly Wipe’, Charlie Brooker. The energetic, scathing, […]

Killing Eve Season 3 – Are You From Pinner? (Reaction)

Killing Eve has always been about the complicated sexual/murderous relationship between two women; Eve Polastri and Villanelle, and in episode 5 of each season so far the two have had memorable meetings. However, in a smart decision to freshen things up, episode 5 of season 3 is the shows first episode not to feature both […]

Killing Eve Season 3 – Still Got It (Reaction)

Following last week’s blockbuster episode, season 3 continued to take big risks, this time changing the structure and framing the episode like a classic Tarantino film, following individual characters and watching them eventually overlap, and it works to great success. The story continues to progress nicely and all the characters feel like the are being […]

Normal People (2020) – TV Review

Ever since the BBC released this series, a week ago today, there has been a lot of talk and hype about the show. Often this is a bandwagon thing, but with this show, it is thoroughly deserved. It is a brutally emotional, entirely convincing, strikingly romantic, and stunningly acted look at love and growing up. […]

Devs (2020) – TV Review

This statement is both strong praise and also a natural comparison after watching this show, is that ‘Devs’ is the closest thing TV has produced to Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. The main reason this is an obvious comparison is that it features some of the most striking and visceral sound and visuals that […]

Killing Eve Season 3 – Predictions/Hopes/Fears

In response to the game changing third episode of season 3, which delivered a huge moment in the show and also lead to even more speculation, I have decided to do a post looking at my hopes, fears, and predictions for how the rest of this season of Killing Eve will play out and lead […]

Cradle to Grave (2015) – TV Review

Peter Kay is a British comedy legend, from his stand-up, to his writing/directing/acting in numerous iconic sitcoms. Kay is only acting here though, with the writing going to Danny Baker, who is reliving his upbringing in London. The show is amusing, with a great theme tune and lead performance from Kay, and some entertaining supporting […]

Killing Eve Season 3 – Meetings Have Biscuits (Reaction)

It finally happened Killing Eve fans! In one of the shows most electric episodes in all 3 seasons (written by soon to be season 4 showrunner Laura Neal no less) Villanelle and Eve finally reunited. Not only did they see each other again, but they violently fought each other on the top deck of a […]

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