In recent years, there has been a large amount of Britain’s finest female comedians finally getting the TV show opportunities of their male counterparts and it has resulted in mostly incredible work (Aisling Bea’s ‘This Way Up’ is a masterpiece) and this time it is Diane Morgan’s turn to write and star in her own show.

However, she’s taken a different approach to most as she has gone for just 15 minute episodes and a very slapstick and silly approach, as opposed to the more nuanced and emotional way many comedies have been going recently.

I respect that decision and always like variation, I just wish this variation had been better than it is here, as this comedy very rarely manages to make you laugh, and it is so over the top at times that you lose interest.

I think the main issue is the main character. Morgan plays ‘Mandy’ as a working class woman with so many physical ticks and stereotypical character traits that it is tough to see her as a real person, and it also feels very cynical and also mocking in many ways.

Diane Morgan is a great comedian and talented actress who has done strong work as Philomena Cunk, and in shows like ‘After Life’, but I feel she could’ve made something really great here but ended up stumbling.

Rating = 2.5/5

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