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Following on from the big success of her one woman show, the BBC hired Phoebe Waller-Bridge to turn ‘Fleabag’ into a tv show, and the rest was history.

The result is a show that mixes comedy and drama together with such ease that it can cause the viewer whiplash as they bounce between genres, almost overnight creating a new touchstone for what British comedy could achieve and launching Waller-Bridge’s career into the stratosphere.

The show is hilarious with brilliant one-liners, unique comedic situations and pitch perfect line deliveries, as well as the sexual and potentially ‘offensive’ humour that really cuts through.

However, the real key to this show is the drama and emotion at the heart of everything. Much of the sex and humour the main character uses is just a deflection technique to hide from the pain inside, and while I won’t spoil the reasons for this pain, I will say that it is so perfectly revealed that it breaks your heart.

There is deep explorations of feminism, relationships, sex, depression, and family here. The writing from Waller-Bridge is so sharp and incisive, making the whole show feel incredibly fresh.

Despite all the focus on sex and relationships, the real thing that proves to be the focus is family, and especially the unique and fascinating relationship between Fleabag and her sister Claire.

Claire is Fleabag’s opposite in almost every way, she is successful, uptight, and never lets her emotions come to the surface. The two clash constantly, but there is also a very clear love and dependency between them that make it very special to watch.

Waller-Bridge, Sian Clifford, Olivia Colman, and the entire cast play the characters in a pitch perfect manner that makes them instantly memorable and all work in the context of this world.

The only thing stopping this season from being regarded as one of the British comedies greats is that the second season managed to be better, and my review for that will be coming up shortly.

Rating = 4.5/5

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