Peter Kay’s Car Share (2015) – TV Review

Peter Kay is one of the modern age’s most loved British comedians, for his work in scripted comedy, stand up, and beyond, but in recent years he has scaled back his workload and public appearances. This made ‘Car Share’, a show almost entirely set in a single car featuring Kay and Sian Gibson, an even […]

Brassic Season 2 (2020) – TV Review

The first season of ‘Brassic’ was a surprise smash hit for Sky last year, and following this successful follow up, it is now one of the channel’s flagship shows, and is likely to run for many years. Joseph Gilgun stars as Vinnie, the leader of a group of working class, odd ball thieves. While we […]

Cradle to Grave (2015) – TV Review

Peter Kay is a British comedy legend, from his stand-up, to his writing/directing/acting in numerous iconic sitcoms. Kay is only acting here though, with the writing going to Danny Baker, who is reliving his upbringing in London. The show is amusing, with a great theme tune and lead performance from Kay, and some entertaining supporting […]

Peter Kay’s Car Share: Audio Special (2020) – TV Review

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to sweep the nation, a paradox has emerged where there is more demand than ever for new content, yet the content itself is also on hold due to suspensions in production. Car Share has had its finale and is likely not going to come back, but as a treat for […]

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