Talking Heads (2020) – TV Review

Alan Bennett’s talking heads has been revived for ‘lockdown’ by the BBC for 12 episodes (including two entirely new ones) and my brief review of each episode is below: Imelda Staunton in ‘A Lady of Letters’ kicks off this revival season in solid but unspectacular fashion. Staunton is a brilliant actress and is really good […]

Friday Night Dinner Season 6 (2020) – TV Review

This is one of those shows that you either like or you don’t. It has a very particular style of humour, a family related farce. I personally really enjoy it. While this season was certainly up and down, probably more so than any of the previous seasons, it was nice to be able to switch […]

Belgravia (2020) – TV Review

A period drama from the writer of Downton Abbey was always going to get snapped up by ITV, and while I doubt they regret the decision, the result certainly wasn’t the home run they were hoping for. The show achieved steady ratings and mixed-positive reviews, but far from caught on in the way Downton did. […]

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