Talking Heads (2020) – TV Review

Alan Bennett’s talking heads has been revived for ‘lockdown’ by the BBC for 12 episodes (including two entirely new ones) and my brief review of each episode is below: Imelda Staunton in ‘A Lady of Letters’ kicks off this revival season in solid but unspectacular fashion. Staunton is a brilliant actress and is really good […]

Breeders (2020) – TV Review

This show from Simon Blackwell and Chris Addison (from the team behind Veep) and Martin Freeman, is simply put, one of the best shows of 2020. It is genuinely laugh out loud funny, with a real dark humour and a serious is underlying drama about parenthood and personal growth, and the tone is mixed perfectly. […]

What to watch this week in Film and TV (9th-15th March)

This is a new weekly feature where I will highlight 5 films or TV shows that are launching in the UK this week. It is set to be a slightly slow week but there are still some stand outs. The Hunt – 11th March The film that was delayed almost six months due to its […]

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