Broadchurch (2013) – TV Review

Due to the slowdown in content caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, ITV decided to show weekly reruns of ‘Broadchurch‘ season 1 in the very time slot on a Monday evening that it aired in 7 years ago. The show seemed just like your standard British crime drama, and in many ways it was as it […]

Doctor Who Season 12 – TV Review

Following the deeply disappointing season 11, there was a lot of pressure on this season, and while it was far from perfect, it really dragged my attention back to Doctor Who and was mostly a real success. The season brought back the idea of season arcs and huge plot twists, both of which proved to […]

Doctor Who – The Timeless Children

Promised as an unmissable series finale that would change the show forever, ‘The Timeless Child’ had the job of concluding one of the shows best seasons in recent memory and satisfyingly answering multiple questions the season had posed, and it mostly failed. While I appreciate the fact they made some big risks in messing hugely […]

Doctor Who – The Return to Must See TV

*Spoiler Alert for Doctor Who: Fugitive of the Judoon Whether you have enjoyed series 11 and the part of 12 we’ve had or not, there is no denying that in recent years Doctor Who has lost its ‘must see TV’ status since the Tennant/Smith era. However, in my opinion and the opinion of the internet, […]

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