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Promised as an unmissable series finale that would change the show forever, ‘The Timeless Child’ had the job of concluding one of the shows best seasons in recent memory and satisfyingly answering multiple questions the season had posed, and it mostly failed.

While I appreciate the fact they made some big risks in messing hugely with the shows history, which I personally didn’t mind that part of the show, I didn’t like how they dealt with the other mysteries they had set up throughout the season, mostly leaving them totally unanswered.

We didn’t really get an explanation regarding the new doctor that was introduced, and we didn’t get another appearance from Captain Jack.

Although a personal highlight for the episode was when the theme turn suddenly played as the doctor’s entire past flashed before us on the screen.

As for the Doctor, Jodie Whittaker has been spectacular this season but for some reason was stuck in a literal box for the majority of the episode, which was a waste.

The companions, apart from the brilliant Bradley Walsh, continue to be stunningly underused and entirely useless at this point, even though we have had them for two seasons, and we still have no progress for them. Surely they at least deserve the chance to go out in a blaze of glory in the finale?

Sacha Dhawan chewed every piece of scenery he could, and while I don’t think he’s going to go down as a classic, he did bring real energy to moments he featured in this season.

I enjoyed parts of this episode, but the build up had made me expect a lot more.

I will now do a review of the full season, which will be a much more positive post, and that should be with you very soon.

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