I’m Alan Partridge Season 2 (2002) – TV Review

Arriving five years after the incredible success of the first season, there was huge amounts of anticipation for this second season, and it somehow managed to not only live up to it, but it my eyes exceed it. Moving Alan from the travel tavern to a little caravan where he lives on the grounds of […]

I’m Alan Partridge (1997) – TV Review

There are many iconic and well loved characters from British comedy throughout the years (Del Boy, Basil Fawlty, Brian Potter etc.) but in my opinion, there is no greater British comedy character than Alan Partridge. He has appeared in many different formats but he is at his absolute best here in a more traditional sitcom […]

The Thick Of It Season 4 (2012) – TV Review

‘The Thick Of It’ has always been flexible and changed with the times, and this final season fell just a year or two after the coalition government was formed, and this season explores that greatly, with the plot split evenly between the cast of characters we have been used to following, and another set of […]

The Thick Of It Season 3 (2009) – TV Review

This is the season where the show really comes into its own and establishes itself as one of the best comedies in recent time. The dialogue is sharp, offensive and cutting, and it is delivered by an incredibly talented cast that provide some of the most laugh out loud moments you could ever hope to […]

The Thick Of It: The Specials (2007) – TV Review

I am reviewing ‘The Rise of the Nutters’ and ‘Spinners and Losers’ together as even though they are technically separate specials, they very much work together to tell one ‘The Thick Of It’ narrative. The first two seasons were enjoyable without ever really gripping me, but I felt really hooked by these specials, with the […]

The Thick Of It Season 2 (2005) – TV Review

Returning for another three episode mini-series, the Armando Iannucci show really starts to find its footing and work out the show it wants to be, with much more focus now on Peter Capaldi’s Malcolm, who is the clear comedic stand out. The behind the scenes look at British politics mixes that very British office environment […]

The Thick Of It (2005) – TV Review

I recently spent some of my time in lockdown watching ‘Veep’ and discovered that it is one of the funniest and best written shows I’ve ever seen. With this in mind, I decided to go back and re-watch the British show on which ‘Veep’ is based on. ‘The Thick Of It’ season 1 is three […]

Veep Season 7 (2019) – TV Review

In the last decade there have been multiple great comedy shows on TV, especially due to the rapid decline in big screen comedy, but still few manage to come close to the absolute hilarity of ‘Veep’, which closes out its seven season run with a series packed full of surprises, laughs, and occasional emotion. This […]

Veep Season 4 (2015) – TV Review

In Season 4, ‘Veep’ continues to establish itself as one of the funniest and simply best comedy shows of the 21st Century. It is not just a great insight/parody of the behind the scenes chaos of politics, but it is also packed full of great characters that we now know very well, and are fascinated […]

Veep Season 3 (2014) – TV Review

As my binge watch of the show continues on, it is becoming more obvious to me that this is one of the best comedy casts ever put together. All of the characters are so identifiably singular and absolutely hilarious in their own way, and the whole cast just nail their roles. Julia Louis-Dreyfus continues to […]

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