Arriving five years after the incredible success of the first season, there was huge amounts of anticipation for this second season, and it somehow managed to not only live up to it, but it my eyes exceed it.

Moving Alan from the travel tavern to a little caravan where he lives on the grounds of the mansion he is having built proved to be a stroke of genius, and adding a new and much younger girlfriend for Alan also brought a interesting new dynamic to things.

The major old favourites were also back in supporting roles, with Lynn and Michael there to continue their time as Alan’s long suffering but absolutely essential companions.

Some of the episodes here are the finest examples of British comedy that you could ever find, with “The Colour of Alan” and “Never Say Alan Again” being particular stand-out’s from a incredible season.

Steve Coogan has simply never been better in anything than he is here, and for years to come people will look back on his work here as some of the best comedy acting and writing that you will ever find.

“Jurassic Park!”

Rating = 5/5

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