Miracle Workers: Dark Ages (2020) – TV Review

Following the strong viewership numbers for the first season, TBS (the show is available on Sky Comedy in the UK) decided to move forward with another season of ‘Miracle Workers’ but instead of being a traditional follow up, they are turning the show into an anthology, with the same cast returning with a new story. […]

Run (2020) – TV Review

The initial sell here was ‘HBO series from the creators of Fleabag’ and that it was ‘a sexually charged thriller starring Merritt Wever and Domhnall Gleeson with Phoebe Waller-Bridge in a supporting role’. That all sounds so good and it’s the reason it was one of my most anticipated shows of the year. Two episodes […]

Veep Season 7 (2019) – TV Review

In the last decade there have been multiple great comedy shows on TV, especially due to the rapid decline in big screen comedy, but still few manage to come close to the absolute hilarity of ‘Veep’, which closes out its seven season run with a series packed full of surprises, laughs, and occasional emotion. This […]

Veep Season 6 (2017) – TV Review

During the extra time at home provided by the lockdown, I have been using it to watch some shows I hadn’t previously got around to watching before, and the one that has been the stand out, is ‘Veep’. It is the most genuinely laugh out loud funny, controversial, offensive, and brilliant written comedy I have […]

Mrs. Fletcher (2019) – TV Review

This mini-series focusing on the complicated lives (and specifically sex lives) of a single mother, and her teenage son, once he leaves home for college, went under the radar last year but is one of the best shows of last year. Kathryn Hahn is a consistently impressive and risk taking actress, and I don’t think […]

Veep Season 5 (2016) – TV Review

Losing Armando Iannucci as showrunner is enough to send any show off the rails, but instead, this great show just continues to even higher heights. The season is unpredictable, game changing, and completely hilarious. All of the characters get great moments throughout, and the dialogue continues to be the funniest and most outrageous on TV. […]

Veep Season 3 (2014) – TV Review

As my binge watch of the show continues on, it is becoming more obvious to me that this is one of the best comedy casts ever put together. All of the characters are so identifiably singular and absolutely hilarious in their own way, and the whole cast just nail their roles. Julia Louis-Dreyfus continues to […]

Miracle Workers (2019) – TV Review

Finally available in the UK due to the newly established Sky Comedy channel, Miracle Workers is a charming and entirely harmless comedy mini-series. Set in heaven, this workplace comedy follows the efforts of awkward Craig (Daniel Radcliffe) and confident Eliza (Geraldine Viswanathan) as they attempt to use their divine influences to set up a socially […]

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