It was already a well known fact that Jodie Comer was an incredible actress with a rapidly rising career, but this just further proves her versatility, talent, and maturity beyond her years.

In this adaptation on the classic Alan Bennett monologue that Julie Walters originally performed decades along, which was filmed under Corona Virus lockdown on pre-existing sets, Comer is able to showcase her talent yet again.

Playing a naive aspiring actress who takes a role in a film but quickly discovers this isn’t the type of film she thought it was, the monologue looks at who men take advantage of vulnerable women in the industry, something that is improving but sadly not enough progress has been made to stop this in the decades since the monologue was first written.

Comer is the only person to appear on screen in all 42 minutes, with it consisting of five long take scenes, and she remarkably manages to keep you entirely engaged throughout, which is a very tough thing to do.

The accent she does starts off posh but gradual slips into a more northern accent, and while some may mistake this as Comer losing the accent (anyone who watches Killing Eve knows that would never be the case) it’s actually an acting choice as the character begins to become more vulnerable and slowly reveals her true self.

She has talked about her concerns about ‘not being classically trained’ so not belonging in the theatre, but I think she would be sensational on the West End stage and is something I would love to see from her one day.

Due to social distancing restrictions, Comer had to to her own hair and make-up, but you couldn’t tell, as she looks stunning and radiates off the screen.

Josie Rourke, famed theatre director and director of ‘Mary, Queen of Scots’ does a great job under tough circumstances, getting such a strong performances from Comer and also making the sets feel as alive and cinematic as possible.

When the original ‘Talking Heads’ was first aired, it was a BAFTA juggernaut, and this performance from Comer deserves the same. She is becoming a defining force in British TV (and she is still only in her mid 20s) and at this rate, she might be competing against her own Killing Eve performance for the best drama actress BAFTA in 2021.

Rating = 4/5

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