Tonight is the night (6am tomorrow for us in the UK) where the much talked about third season of Killing Eve comes to a close. While there are much more important things happening in the world right now, for the last 8 weeks this show has provided people with a much needed respite and distraction, and it’s a shame to see it end.

With the Corona Virus pandemic still raging around the world and delaying productions indefinitely, it is anyone’s guess when filming for season 4 may happen, meaning the hiatus between seasons may potentially be extended to 2022 (but let’s hope not).

Anyway, on to the fun stuff, predicting what may happen in episode 8. This is based entirely on the previous 7 episodes and some pictures and clips released for the finale, I haven’t seen the episode and I am using my anticipation for it to make this post to see how close I got (I made some predictions a month ago and some of those may still play out).

Prediction 1 – Jamie killed Kenny. Jamie has seemed shady to me all the way through, and in the teaser, the Bitter Pill team are showing Carolyn a shocking video and Jamie isn’t present. Could this be Kenny’s death? (Note there was two chairs on the roof when Eve went to throw the cake, maybe Jamie was meeting with Kenny up there).

Prediction 2 – Carolyn will succeed in recruiting Villanelle to work with her and Eve to bring down the twelve (which could form the main plot for season 4).

Prediction 3 – Eve and Villanelle will slow dance, finally admit their mutual feelings, and kiss, and stay together (hopefully).

Prediction 4 – Konstantin will get Irina and take her to Cuba.

Prediction 5 – Eve will kill the Twelve’s new assassin to save Villanelle.

Prediction 6 – Geraldine will remain a useless character and a waste of Gemma Whelan.

Prediction 7 – Eve and Villanelle will not be apart at the end of the season (it would be a huge mistake and way too predictable to do it again).

Let me know what you guys think might happen and I hope everyone enjoys the finale.

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My name is Sam Howe, and I am a Film and Screenwriting graduate. I have a passionate interest in the Film and Television industry and hope to be able to provide a personalised, entertaining and in depth look in all aspects of the industry. I will produce reviews, box office reports and predictions, general blog posts, and much more. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope this blog proves helpful and enjoyable reading for people.

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