Kirby Jenner (2020) – TV Review

This Quibi show, which inserts a fictional male Jenner sibling into existing Keeping Up With The Kardashians footage, is exactly the sort of show that represents why everyone mocked Quibi to start with. In all fairness, if you are the type of person who really likes reality tv and specifically the life of the Jenners/Kardashians, […]

#FreeRayShawn (2020) – TV Review

I started watching this show on Quibi a couple of weeks ago, and it now feels incredibly resonant and timely due to the terrible events of police brutality that have lead to uprising across the globe. As for the show itself, it certainly isn’t perfect and there have been better examinations of this topic and […]

When The Street Lights Go On (2020) – TV Review

‘When The Street Lights Go On’ is Quibi’s attempt at a non-fantastical ‘Stranger Things’, taking a young new cast, placing them with established actors, and creating a mystery and world packed full of nostalgia, this time for the 90s. While I still think Quibi’s actual format and whole idea is destined to fail and that […]

The Stranger (2020) – TV Review

This Quibi thriller stars two actors who seems poised to be major breakout stars in Hollywood, but so far it hasn’t quite materialised for either, Maika Monroe or Dane DeHaan, but they are both really good here. Monroe is very believable in the role of lead role to a girl who has huge self loathing […]

Most Dangerous Game (2020) – TV Review

Quibi is seeming more and more like a financial venture that won’t work out, and while that isn’t a great tragedy as I’m not a great fan of the ‘phone only’ streaming service, I am still making the most of my 3 month free trial to watch all of the TV shows on the service […]

50 States of Fright (2020) – TV Review

Sam Raimi made his name in the 80/90s as a new kid on the block with exciting horror projects, before conquering the blockbuster genre in the 21st Century, but now he is back, on streaming service Quibi, with a horror anthology series. I like the general idea of the series, but the show never clicked […]

Dummy (2020) – TV Review

On the face of it, a show where our lead forms a friendship with her boyfriend’s sex doll, based on the true life relationship of Cody Heller and Dan Harmon (writer of Rick and Morty), sounds completely bonkers. In reality, it still absolutely is. However, as the show goes on, you start to accept the […]

Survive (2020) – TV Review

Quibi, the new streaming service from Jeffrey Katzenberg, launched a few weeks ago to a lot of chatter online but little general fanfare. It received criticism for its ‘movie in chapters’ and ‘phone only’ content, as it seems to be another step away from film as an art form, and a step closer to all […]

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