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There will be numerous documentaries and films about this crisis in years to come, when we hopefully have defeated the virus and have the benefit of hindsight. However, it’s also necessary for documentaries to be made about the present day, and that is what happens here.

This unbias but absolutely unflinching documentary lays clear the factual timeline of how the Government has handled the CoronaVirus pandemic (from Jan-May when the documentary was made).

It allows the facts to do the talking and the viewer to make up their mind, but it is absolutely clear the amount of mistakes and irresponsible behaviour from our Government that lead us to where we are now.

It details how Boris Johnson: Chaired no cobra meetings until right in the heart of a global pandemic, Went on a 2 week holiday in February and aides were told to cut down documents about it as he didn’t wanna read too much, and took no interest in a unfolding disaster.

Once he did take notice in March, multiple situations showed he believed in a disastrous policy of ‘herd immunity’ (which he would later scrap and deny due to the horrific death toll it would have caused) and he Even told Italian PM he wanted herd immunity, went on ‘This Morning’ to tell the nation it wasn’t at risk and to take the virus on the chin, and bragged on tv about shaking hands at a hospital, just a few days before saying shaking hands was banned.

Among other disasters, we then locked down way too late and could’ve saved over 10k lives locking down a week earlier alone, as the scientists are now admitting, and instead for weeks all the nation was told to do (while most of Europe was in a rapid lockdown) was to wash our hands for 20 seconds and sing happy birthday.

We allowed the Cheltenham Festival to go ahead in mid March and for fans from Madrid (who were banned from attending games in their city as it was a Covid hotbed) to attend a match against Liverpool, which undeniably accelerated the spread.

The documentary doesn’t touch too much on the huge mistakes during the pandemic (No PPE, testing initially abandoned and too slow, Cummings saga etc) but it shows how the ‘PM’ was pressured into late action at every move and his inadequacy in the job has made this so much worse.

This is just things before and at start of pandemic, since it has got even worse and there need to be a major public enquiry and criminal consequences, but this documentary does a great job of highlighting the undeniable facts.

This documentary helped confirm what I already knew, that Boris Johnson has the deaths of thousands on his hands.

Rating = 4/5

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