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Ever since the BBC released this series, a week ago today, there has been a lot of talk and hype about the show. Often this is a bandwagon thing, but with this show, it is thoroughly deserved.

It is a brutally emotional, entirely convincing, strikingly romantic, and stunningly acted look at love and growing up.

There is no over the top or continuing plot, it is simply the story of two people and the effect they have on each others lives through a key period of time in anyone’s life.

The writing, from Sally Rooney, is so authentic and honest that you truly feel like you’re watching real life, which is a unique experience.

The depiction of sex and nudity here is handled superbly. It doesn’t shy away from reality, often showing full frontal nudity when necessary, but nothing is gratuitous and it is equal for all genders. The end result is it makes the show feel even more real, sexy, and powerful.

A supporting performance I would like to highlight is Sarah Greene as Lorraine. She adds such warmth and humour to the scenes she is in, and you can see her impact on Connell’s behaviour throughout.

The show still wouldn’t work without its lead two being any good, but they certainly are. Both Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones are incredible here, bringing real emotion and presence to every scene, and they are both surely set to have huge careers now, and they absolutely deserve it.

‘Normal People’ is an emotional rollercoaster that everyone should experience. A beautiful piece of television.

Rating = 4.5/5

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My name is Sam Howe, and I am a Film and Screenwriting graduate. I have a passionate interest in the Film and Television industry and hope to be able to provide a personalised, entertaining and in depth look in all aspects of the industry. I will produce reviews, box office reports and predictions, general blog posts, and much more. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope this blog proves helpful and enjoyable reading for people.

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