The Deceived (2020) – TV Review

This four part thriller has been a ratings success for Channel 5, and I don’t think it’s any surprise why when you consider it is from the writer of ‘Derry Girls’ and stars ‘Normal People’ breakout megastar Paul Mescal (more on his role later). It is very much cut from the cloth of Daphne du […]

Derry Girls Season 2 (2019) – TV Review

In 2018, ‘Derry Girls’ came racing onto our TV screens with a fresh and totally u wide angle to look at the teenage coming of age comedy, with a look at a group of (mostly) girls, and also having them growing up during ‘The Troubles’ in Derry. In that first season, the show was not […]

Derry Girls (2018) – TV Review

Some people originally tried to pin this as just a ‘female Inbetweeners’ but as soon as it was aired, we saw it was much more. While it does contain some of the brilliant aspects of that show, it is also incredibly unique to its focus on a group of young (predominantly) girls growing up during […]

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