At this point in its run, The Simpsons has settled into a comfortable lull whereby even though it repeats well-established character patterns and doesn’t meet the highs of previous seasons, it remains entertaining viewing with characters we know and love.

‘Super Franchise Me’ is not a laugh riot and repeats the classic ‘Marge at work’ trope, but it does it so effectively, finding a smart way to include the entire family and also make some commentary about franchise culture, so it is a memorable one.

‘Treehouse of Horror XXV’ is a real stand out here, with the smart decision made to bring the original Simpsons design from The Tracey Ullman Show to haunt the modern day family, and it is fascinating to see the difference now that nearly three decades have passed between these specific iterations.

‘Waiting for Duffman’ is an entertaining episode with a smart concept, that really allows for Homer to let loose and shine like we know he can.

Rating = 3.5/5

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My name is Sam Howe, and I am a Film and Screenwriting graduate. I have a passionate interest in the Film and Television industry and hope to be able to provide a personalised, entertaining and in depth look in all aspects of the industry. I will produce reviews, box office reports and predictions, general blog posts, and much more. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope this blog proves helpful and enjoyable reading for people.

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