It’s clear as we head into the new millennium, and the third different decade ‘The Simpsons’ has been on air, that the show is no longer the fresh and groundbreaking thing it once was. However, that doesn’t stop it from being enjoyable.

The episode where the children are trapped in the school with Skinner, and Homer and Ned set out to rescue them, features some really great character moments and dynamics that make it a fun Christmas episode.

The episode in which Homer has a pencil removed from his brain and is suddenly smart isn’t the funniest episode, but it’s one that stuck with my for a long time for some reason, most likely as it provides some good Homer/Lisa moments.

“Bye, Bye, Nerdie” is a real stand out episode for me. The dual storylines involve Homer on a mission to baby proof everything in the ‘American Home’ and Lisa on a mission to understand the cause of bullying. The high concept of Lisa’s story cleverly compares with the silly and simply premise of Homer’s and plenty of great jokes and funny moments occur here, especially relating to Homer.

Rating = 3.5/5

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