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In 2020, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is one of the hottest names in town, with her incredible talent recognised by wide ranging audiences and awards bodies alike, but back in 2016 she was a mostly unknown talent. However, in the space of around 6 months, both ‘Crashing’ and ‘Fleabag’ launched and changer her career forever.

‘Crashing’ is the first to come out and the one I am reviewing today, and while it is quite different to ‘Fleabag’, it is still very much a good show in its own right, even if it can’t quite measure up to her other masterpiece.

The show is much more of a light comedy about a group friends living in abandoned buildings together as they try and save money to get their lives going.

The concept is really smart and allows for great comedic scenarios, and for a really talented cast to shine.

Waller-Bridge can be a great actress and is good here, but she has actually written most of the other characters to be much more interesting than the one she plays. Damien Molony, Amit Shah, Jonathan Bailey, Julie Dray, Adrian Scarborough, and Louise Ford all form the rest of the ensemble and do brilliant work.

The particular stand outs for me were Dray, Bailey, and Ford. Dray perfectly plays the sexy/sensitive/damaged artist without being a cliche, Bailey gets to be outrageous and have all sorts of fun causing trouble throughout (this was an amazing few years for him with Broadchurch/Crashing/Chewing Gum etc) and Louise Ford, who perfectly plays the uptight Kate.

Fans of ‘Fleabag’ will be reminded a lot of Sian Clifford’s very similar and iconic portrayal, but Ford can stand on her own and she manages to actually be the comedic stand out of the show.

It isn’t perfect and does feel very much like a stepping stone to something greater with ‘Fleabag’, mainly due to the lack of emotional depth to the show, but it stands on its own as a really enjoyable comedy.

Rating = 4/5

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