A few months ago, it was announced that JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot would produce a ‘Overlook’ series for HBO Max, and that it would be an anthology series with each episode focusing on a different story that took place at then hotel made famous in ‘The Shining’.

While we have little idea of the plans for this and how it will actually shape out, I think the concept is fascinating and could allow for great collaborations between big stars and directors, as they would only have to commit to one episode.

With that in mind (and I’m trying to be realistic and not just put the biggest names in the industry here) for some star and director collaborations that would be great to see for the individual episodes…

Star: Jodie Comer Writer/Director: Phoebe Waller-Bridge

This is the pairing I would be most excited about if it came to pass. Jodie Comer is my favourite actress right now and she is one of the biggest rising stars in Hollywood, and has worked her career almost entirely on TV so would likely be happy to go back to TV again for this one off episode, and RW-teaming her with Phoebe Waller-Bridge would likely seal that deal.

Waller-Bridge does have a first look deal at Amazon that was signed after the incredible success of ‘Fleabag’ and ‘Killing Eve’, so this is unlikely. However, she has always said she’d love to write another part for Comer, and this could be a great opportunity to do that, and bring her unique style to the horror genre, just like she has done for comedy and thriller already.

Star: David Tennant Writer/Director: Bryan Fuller

David Tennant was originally a contender to star as Hannibal Lecter in Fuller’s Hannibal, and even though the right man got that job in the end, seeing the incredible versatile Tennant team with the stylish Fuller could lead to a very memorable episode.

Star: Tessa Thompson Writer/Director: Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele, With ‘Get Out’ and ‘Us’ is one of the hottest film directors in Hollywood right now, but he is also taking big strides into TV, and he could be lured to bring his brand of social and race commentary centric horror content to a one off episode, and it could work even better with the incredible talent of Tessa Thompson in the lead role.

Star: Daisy Ridley Writer/Director: JJ Abrams

JJ is producing this show so directing one episode isn’t out of the question (and he could do with a palette cleanser after the mess he made with ‘The Rise of Skywalker’). Speaking of Star Wars, the lead that Abrams cast in that has struggled for work since, and casting Daisy Ridley here would give her a great chance to show what she can do.

Star: Lily James Writer/Director: Edgar Wright

Lily James is one of the most instantly likeable and charismatic actresses working right now, and has mainly therefore made a career in romantic/comedy films, but she has real dramatic talent that deserves to be highlighted. Partnering her with her ‘Baby Driver’ director Edgar Wright could be genius here, and he could add a real energetic twist of ‘The Shining’ lore.

Star: Emilia Clarke Writer/Director: Alma Har’el

In her post ‘Game of Thrones’ career, Emilia Clarke is looking to broaden her CV and to show the great actress she is, and this is a great opportunity to try a new genre. Bringing in Alma Har’el, the exciting director of ‘Honey Boy’ could be a great combination and be a big career moment for both.

Star: Sophia Lilis Writer/Director: Andres Muschietti

Pairing one of the stand out stars of ‘IT’ with the director of that film for another Warner Bros horror property is a no brained. Lillis is one of the best young actors working today and she could really shine here.

Star: Samuel L. Jackson Writer/Director: Brie Larson

These two have worked together multiple times before, and it would give Larson further opportunity to flex her direction muscles, and give Jackson a rare these days leading role. It’s a no brainier, as long as they have time in their schedule.

Star: John David Washington Writer/Director: Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington isn’t going to star in a one off episode of a TV show, but give him a high budget and the chance to direct his son? Well then I think he’s step behind the camera for it. And having rising star John David Washington would also add real urgency to the project and following ‘Tenet’, potentially a huge rising star.

Star: Rebecca Ferguson Writer/Director: Mike Flanagan

This one is more of a bonus as it would tie into Doctor Sleep, where Rebecca Ferguson was the real stand out as ‘Rose the Hat’ and Mike Flanagan showed yet again why he is become a modern horror master. Seeing the two collaborate again at the Overlook would be a treat.

If any of you guys have any suggestions or things you’d like to see, let me know down below as I’m very interested what people think.

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My name is Sam Howe, and I am a Film and Screenwriting graduate. I have a passionate interest in the Film and Television industry and hope to be able to provide a personalised, entertaining and in depth look in all aspects of the industry. I will produce reviews, box office reports and predictions, general blog posts, and much more. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope this blog proves helpful and enjoyable reading for people.

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