A Fox Searchlight Picture, Written by Noah Baumbach, Greta Gerwig, Directed by Noah Baumbach.

Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach are two of the most influential people associated with the ‘mumblecore’ movies, and their collaborations are often seen as some of the high points of those movies. Here we have Gerwig as co-writer and star, and Baumbach as co-writer and director, and you can equally feel both of their voices here. 

Mistress America operates on multiple levels and is a very self referential film, with its writers exploring the multiple aspects of humanity and also the impact of New York City. 

The script itself is so sharply written, with many brilliant speeches and one liners mixed in with deeply powerful and relatable character moments and musings about life. 

Lola Kirke makes for a very good lead and I’m surprised she hasn’t done much more work since, and I hope to see more from her. 

However, the absolute star is Great Gerwig, in a role quite literally written for her and she suits it so perfectly. Her unique line delivery, chaotic energy, and surprising depth make for a deeply compelling character. She has become a brilliant director and I can’t wait to see what she does next, but I would also love to see her continue acting in certain projects, as she is really talented. 

A true independent film gem, and a great watch during this worldwide quarantine. 

Rating = 4/5

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My name is Sam Howe, and I hold a Second Class Honours (1st Division) 2:1 in Film and Screenwriting Studies. I have a passionate interest in the Film and Television industry and hope to be able to provide a personalised, entertaining and in depth look in all aspects of the industry. I will provide reviews, box office reports and predictions, general blog posts, and much more. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope this blog proves helpful and enjoyable reading for people.

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