A Netflix Original Picture, Written by Jeff Baena, Alison Brie, Directed by Jeff Baena.

It is almost impossible to describe to someone exactly what to expect when watching Horse Girl because it alternated in genre and tone at an almost alarming rate throughout, and while it definitely isn’t always successful, it is a truly fascinating experiment.

Shifting rapidly between low-key character drama, comedy, examination of mental health, and straight up supernatural horror, it is often tough to keep up and the film mostly manages to keep it together. However, if you finish the film thinking you didn’t really understand what was happening, that is very much the point. Our protagonist is seeing the world in a non-linear and non-nonsensical way, and the story told full through her eyes, therefore making it almost impossible for the audience to grasp what is reality and what is fantasy, in just the same way our protagonist struggles.

Alison Brie co-wrote and produced this film, so she was with the project from the very beginning, and that is very clear in how committed and invested she is with her performance. She proved in Glow what a versatile actress she can be, and gets another great opportunity here to show just how good she can be. Brie is one of the few actresses who manages to be both strikingly beautiful whilst also realistically portraying an ‘oddball’ or outsider, and she does it with real talent. Although this isn’t one of the best films you will ever see, I truly believe this will stay as one of my favourite performances of 2020.

Netflix can be very hit and miss when it comes to their films but I hope they continue to take chances on unique films like this.

Rating = 3/5

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