Oscars 2019/20 – Winners and Reaction

On what started out looking like a dull and predictable set of winners ended with a huge shockwave as Parasite swept the major awards, becoming the first ever foreign language film to win Best Picture (while also winning International Film, Original Screenplay, and Director) and becoming the most successful film of the night. I will […]

Final Oscar Predictions

These are officially my final predictions for this years Oscars, with the ceremony taking place on Sunday night. These predictions take into account months of awards shows that have been leading up to this, as well as how the academy has previously worked and how I believe the industry is currently leaning. This looks set […]

Final Oscar Nomination Predictions

This is my final post predicting the nominations for the Oscars, which will be announced tomorrow. After tomorrow, my predictions will be focused simply on who will win the awards. I will order my predictions by what I believe to be the current favourites, and have not included the short film categories in my predictions. […]

Jojo Rabbit (2019) – Review

A 20th Century Fox Picture, Written and Directed by Taika Waititi. This is a film that I was really looking forward to and left the cinema feeling incredibly torn about. While it is undeniably a well made film and I have no issue satirising anything, I don’t feel the payoff actually justified the film. My […]

10 Most Anticipated Films of Award Season

This is from a simply personal viewpoint, where I will quickly breakdown what my most anticipated films are that have yet to be released but are expected to play a big part in awards season over the coming months. Some films have already been released that definitely would have been high on this list, specifically; […]

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