Jack Whitehall is quite a divisive comedian these days, and not in the way you would usually expect. It isn’t because he makes particularly controversial jokes, but simply there is a huge split on people who really like him and people who really don’t.

I personally used to be a big fan but in the last few years, his comedy has become overly predictable and the ‘camp posh boy’ routine from a privileged straight guy is sure to rub people up the wrong way.

However, in some of his film and tv work he can be entertaining and I am looking forward to seeing him in ‘Jungle Cruise’, but in this stand-up routine, unlike some of his impressive previous sets, he really didn’t have much to say.

It was watchable and there was some laughs to be found, but there was nothing fresh to be found in the content and he had no unique perspective to bring, as though it was just stand-up for stand-up’s sake, and simply because Netflix asked for a special.

Rating = 3/5

Rating = 3/5

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